6 minute - ball juggling act 

The audience is drawn to the red ball, following the path it takes as it highlights the details of Domenyk’s complex yet precise juggling sequences. The red ball brings clarity to his fast, rhythmical juggling style, involving hits, taps and kicks. The visual games that develop through repetition play with the audiences’ expectations as Domenyk creates and breaks implied "rules"


"I enjoy exploring the virtuosity in juggling and how it can cause astonishment and surprise when shared with audiences"

Domenyk created this act for his gradautaion performace from Stockholm univercity of the arts, circus school (former DOCH). Ouside eye support: Jay Gilligan and Benjamin Richter.

Ballpark is a versitile act, designed to easily fit into any show with no setup and simple lighting and music cues. For more informantion see technical rider PDF below or contact Domenyk.

Technical rider - PDF