PYRAMID  -  30 minute juggling show

This is a versatile performance, suitable for both indoor and outdoor stages. See the indoor and outdoor technical rider PDF's below for more information.


Four wooden pedestals display juggling balls stacked in a pyramid shape. The pedestals give importance to the sculptures that are created by stacking the juggling balls in specific formations. In this performance Domenyk explores the different possibilities of constructing and breaking apart the pyramid shape through complex juggling sequences. The games developed during the performance play with the audiences’ expectations, with fast-surprising moments of balls been kicked, hit and rebounded in unexpected directions. This contrasts the precisely choreographed juggling sequences and satisfying repetition when the balls suddenly reform the familiar pyramid shape.  

Domenyk’s unique pyramid juggling techniques and style where developed during his artistic research project at Stockholm University of the Arts. 

Outside eye: 

Erik Aberg, Benjamin Richter and Jay Gilligan